Justin Bieber has a new musical direction that has left his fans divided.

On Tuesday (April 26), Lyrical Lemonade premiered the music video for the 1:27 minute track "I Feel Funny." The track is a bouncy, minimalist hip-hop track that features the "Peaches" singer's vocals in a new tone.

Fans were surprised and confused by the release. Director Cole Bennett explained in the YouTube caption that Bieber randomly texted him the song and asked if they could do a visual for the tune.

"We joked around about doing a video for it but never did," he explained. "A few weeks later we were doing a pickup day for a video we had recently shot, but never finished ["Honest"]. We had a bit of time switching over from scene to scene."

Bennett then went into his trailer and pitched the idea of shooting a video for the song on his phone in between takes of filming the actual, professional video for "Honest."

The playful visual features Bieber donning a orange ski mask running around the set. Even Don Toliver made a cameo, as the pair were previously featured on the Skrillex track "Don't Go" together.

The reactions to Bieber's new song and overall vibe were mixed. A good majority of fans believe that this is more of a "joke" song and won't be a part of a future record, while others are digging the carefree vibe.

One fan compared Bieber's song to PSY, who created the viral "Gangnam Style" song and dance. They wrote, "I've missed some joke songs before the real song he will release very soon like he said [at] the end of the clip. Can't wait for 'Honest' official song soon."

"Me listening to I feel funny to Justin Bieber cause I signed up to support him through everything," one fan tweeted.

"Really hope people realize I Feel Funny is just for laughs and not meaning to be an actual song for charts and streams," another tweeted.

See some of the best social media reactions to "I Feel Funny" by Justin Bieber, below.


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