Texas-based Josh Abbott Band knew that a lot of people in the crowd at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival hadn't heard most (if any) of their music, but they didn't seem too worried about it.

"If you don't know our songs, that's okay," frontman Josh Abbott told the crowd on Sunday (June 14). "You're going to learn them by the end of the day."

And he was right. By the end of the band's hour-long set, there were clearly some new Josh Abbott Band fans in the audience.

Abbott began the set with "Road Trippin'" and "All of a Sudden," then used the bluegrass-tinged "Brushy Creek" to spotlight the group's banjo, fiddle and guitar players (Austin  Davis, Preston Wait and Caleb Keeter, respectively). All three guys clearly know their way around their respective instruments, and as Abbott noted, the band is "damn proud" to have them creating their country sound.

"Do some line-dancing, do some beer-bonging, whatever you want to do," he encouraged the crowd. "What makes country music festivals so much fun is you all having fun and singing along."

"She Will Be Free" was dedicated to the ladies in the crowd: "When someone's telling you you can't do something, this is for you, right here," Abbott said. "Where's the Party" and "My Texas" got some big cheers from the assembled crowd.

The JAB ended their show with a set of tunes including their collaboration with Kacey Musgraves, "Oh, Tonight," and their newest single, "Hanging Around."

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