Jeffree Star is pointedly blaming Britney Spears' fans after the pop icon published and deleted a supportive Instagram post about Star's makeup brand.

Last week, the "Toxic" singer shared an Instagram post of a PR package that she received from Star's brand. In her caption, she praised Star's makeup line and called him a "genius."

@BritneySpears Instagram
@BritneySpears Instagram

Not long after, fans flooded the comments section, demanding she delete the post and not associate with him in the future. (Star has been in a number of high-profile feuds and controversies, including being accused of racism, among other troublesome allegations.) Spears deleted her post less than a day later.

On Saturday (Nov. 20), the viral beauty creator reacted to Spears' deleted post by claiming that the pop star's fans had "bullied" her into deleting her post.

"Britney Spears supported me a few days ago and oh, it really made some of the girls mad," Star said in a series of videos posted to his Instagram Story, which have since expired. "It's crazy that someone who has been in a mental prison for 13 years finds joy in something and y'all gotta bully her into deleting her post. That is so sad."

Star added that the fans who criticized Spears for the post about his makeup have "a lot of self-reflecting to do."

"This isn't drama. This is mental health," Star added. "This is literally a woman that was locked in her house and has been through hell. And she was bullied for liking a makeup product. Isn't that crazy?"

Star also claimed that he reached out to Spears' assistant to address the situation and that he will film a full YouTube video about this latest drama.

"Now that she's free you still don't want her to make her own decisions. It's really hard to fathom," he continued.

According to Insider, Star also addressed a comment he made back in 2007 in which he called for people to boycott Spears "immediately." Star explained that he "said a dumb comment" and that people can't "let go" of his past mistakes.

"I'm so glad she's free and you can't take that away from her and you ain't gonna drag me into it. So Britney, thank you for loving my brand. I love you so much," he concluded.

See the since-expired Instagram Story, below.

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