June Brides!  We love them all.  The gowns, the ceremonies, the reception, the nervous groom, the wedding venues, the music and dancing, and the cake.  The cake is always a showstopper!

This gallery is kind of just a "show off" gallery.  I mean, the wedding cake photographs in this gallery are spectacular.  So, lets all enjoy and marvel at them.

The dozen Upstate New York bakers who are featured in this gallery are really artists, as much as any painter or crafter.  Their work  will confound all of us who barely can light a candle on a cake.  I mean, how do they do that?

Have you ever heard of an ombre cake?  Me either.  It is a cake whose colors faintly slide from one shade to another creating a dreamy effect to ordinary icing.  Have you ever heard of a birch cake?  It is a cake whose icing design evokes beautiful birch tree trunks.  How about a black wedding cake?  Yup, surprises me too.  But, apparently it is a thing right now and you will see examples of these in the gallery below.  Amazing.

We know that most newly engaged brides will have already picked out a favorite wedding cake baker in their Upstate NY hometown to do the job.  But, who knows, even if a particular bakery on this list is far from you you still might get an idea for a new, creative, "trendy" design by looking at these photos.

And be sure and look at cake #4.  You will have to look twice at this one.  Soooo clever!

June Brides Will Want to Take a Look at These 12 Upstate New York Bakers Who Really Take the Cake!

June is the month for brides, happy families, wedding receptions, music, flowers, renting a hall, and on and on and on. And don't forget the cake. Always a highlight of every reception. Here is a gallery of a dozen Upstate New York bakers that have really mastered the art of creative, unusual, stunning, and delicious wedding cakes. Take a look.

Especially look at #4 on the list. Absolutely amazing!!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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