There is now officially a food sponsor for every day of the year.  Food holidays are fun and are meant to shine the spotlight on a different food each day (sometimes, several different foods in a single day.)  This is all well and good and if it helps people to think about an artichoke or a zucchini or some imported Italian cheese, I am all for it.

So, as I was looking for a food to celebrate, I was scanning through the month of May when something stuck out to me.  There.  Right there between National Leg of Lamb Day and National Empanada Day, I saw it.

"National Give Someone a Cupcake Day."  Bingo, I had my topic.

Cupcakes have been the star of countless school lunch boxes, little kids' birthday parties, office lunchroom counters, and (now more than ever) sprawling, elegant wedding tables.  To celebrate this tasty treat on "its" day", we have listed 12 different small independently owned and operated bakeries scattered across Upstate New York that specialize in cupcakes.

The Best Cupcakes in Upstate New York

This gallery is perhaps the most "drool-worthy" food gallery we have ever done, so be warned.  These photographs will have you heading down to the corner bakery in a flash.

And, remember, if your favorite cupcake bakery didn't make our list (there are hundreds), please feel free to give them a shout-out over on our Facebook page.

And, "Happy Give Someone a Cupcake Day" to all of our readers!

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