Imagine designing and constructing a home that takes 17 years to finish!

Hyde Hall, the stunning Neo-Classical country mansion located at the northern point of Otsego Lake near Cooperstown, is such a case.  It was built for George Clarke from 1817-1834, and is still in fantastic condition and is a popular tourist destination for those visiting the historic village of Cooperstown, which is just nine mile south on the same lake.

The mansion offers a glimpse into the window of elegance and sophistication out in the wilds of then-Western New York State (meaning "west of the Hudson River").  There are a variety of tours and public events available for you to enjoy on a visit to this natural wonderland.

Early antiques from the family are everywhere, priceless works of art adorn the walls, the servants quarters and working kitchen are amazing, the grounds are immaculate (keep an eye out for the family's early burial crypt tucked into a nearby small mound), and so much more history to be seen (including the first flush toilet west of the Hudson).

Plus, on the grounds of Hyde Hall be sure and grab a selfie in front of their old covered bridge.  It was built in 1825 and is the oldest covered bridge in the United States.  It is short, old, covers a meandering country creek, and it just oozes rural charm!

Oh, and is there a friendly ghost strolling about the mansion's grounds?  As you will see in this gallery, there really is a reason that one of Hyde Hall's most popular tours is a Ghost Tour!

This historic mansion is located at Glimmerglass State Park, a beautiful 600-acre state park which offers a sandy beach, picnic areas, and other modern amenities.  The views are incredible.

To get to Hyde Hall, you actually enter at the state park gate and drive through to the mansion.  You will pass the covered bridge on your right after entering the park.

You will find a visitors KNOW BEFORE YOU GO information tab at the end of this gallery.

Upstate Legends! A Visit to Cooperstown's Hyde Hall, a "Mansion Unlike Any Other"

Hyde Hall, although technically located in Springfield, NY, is closely associated with Cooperstown. The mansion, built for George Clarke (1768-1835), scion of one of the earliest settlers and landowners of then-Western New York State (meaning west of the Hudson River), is without peer for its important contributions to history and architecture of the era. Today, tours of this stunning showplace are a popular attraction to those visiting Cooperstown. Hyde Hall is located at Glimmerglass State Park on the northern shore of Otsego Lake, the village of Cooperstown is on the lake shore nine miles south of the mansion. The house was built between 1817 and 1834, and was designed by Philip Hooker, the pre-eminent New York State architect at the the, and the man who designed the New York State Capitol.

Definitely put Hyde Hall on your Upstate New York bucket list!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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