We sure have come a long way from cooling off at the river by swinging out over it on an old rubber tire tube.  Toady one can find all sorts of ways to beat the heat in an Upstate New York summer.

Water parks are huge business, and our region has some of the biggest in the whole nation.  Swimming pools have all the bells and whistles on them (and I will admit, the older I get the more I appreciate the zero-entry pools).  And now we have splash pads.

Basically a fountain area that squirts water up at various places, at various heights, and from various objects.  Some of these pads are activated by the youngsters stepping on them.  Others run intermittently.  But at all of them, you are guaranteed to hear gales of laughter from the tykes as they play and explore this new way to get wet.

There are now many splash pad parks around Upstate New York, and in this first gallery we are taking a short look at some of the best that we found in Central New York.  From Oswego in the north, down to Corning near the Pennsylvania border, these Central New York splash pads are sure to find legions of kids flocking to them to get out of the heat.  (we will visit this subject in the near future, focusing on other areas of the state).

If you live in Central New York and maybe we missed your favorite splash pad park, please let us know about it over on our Facebook page.  We really do want to hear from you!

These Central New York Splash Pads Are Just the Cure For a Heat Wave!

Splash pads are a bit of a new phenomena. Not really a pool, and yet the kiddies can surely get plenty wet at them. Here is a short list of some favorite splash pads to be fund in the Central New York area. From Oswego to the north and down to Corning, these might be just the places for you to head when the temperature starts climbing.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

From Lumberjacks to Thunder Chickens -- Upstate New York Loves Their School Mascots

This is a list of Upstate New York's favorite, colorful, and somewhat wacky school mascots. No matter how weird they get, the schools love them and they adore their mascots and school logos.

What is a thunder chicken? And why did a small rural school pick witches as their team mascot? And what on earth is a "sawyer?"

Take a look at these mascots. Some of them will leave you scratching your head!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio