There are volumes of history written about our epic Adirondack Park.  The park, all 9,375 square miles of it, is rich with beauty, history, and sights to see.  One must wonder, however, how the early pioneers of the park, working in such a remote area far from the amenities of (then) modern life, well, how they worshipped?  Did they just kneel in the woods are pray.  Did they gather at various working camps to share spiritual fellowship?  Did they go to a church in the wilderness?  Were there even churches in the wilderness?

This gallery is a photo journal of a selection of some of the most historic and oldest churches all found in the "Blue Line" of the Adirondack Park.

Here, you will find churches in both rustic as well as majestic designs.  Some of these churches are so remote they are accessible by boat only.  One, perhaps the most unusual church of them all, was the first stand alone church ever built in the U.S. within the walls of a prison.  What a story here about St. Ditmas Church, the "Church of the Good Thief."

Some churches are no longer holding services, but remain erect as telltale sings of how religion played out in the dawning of development here in the High Peaks region of Upstate New York.

This is just a short selection of some highlighted churches.  If you have a favorite church that is old (say 100 years or more) and is within the confines of the Adirondack Park, please visit our Facebook page and give it a mention.

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A Photo Journal of Some Of the Adirondack Park's Most Historic Churches

There is just so much history in our Adirondack Mountains region. A lot of that history can be traced back through its many old and historic churches. This gallery takes a look at several them. They are all well over 100 years old. They display several different kinds of church architecture (of the period). All have great back stories to them. And some of them are even only accessible by boat.

Take a look at these sacred sites, all in the Adirondack Park.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Baseball in Upstate New York: Legends, Graves, and Historic Sites

Baseball is big in Upstate New York in the summer. Very big. For fans of baseball legends, sports trivia, and exploring historic sites, we present this list of 14 interesting suggestions. On this list you will find many directions to the Upstate New York graves of some of the games most outstanding players, you will see some fascinating baseball trivia, and we list a couple of local historic baseball fields that have been entertaining baseball fans since 1906! All for fun, so here you go sports road-trippers. Get started!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio