A new online farmers market has launched an initiative that connects farms directly with customers, offering a wide range of high-quality, organic protein products.

Through their newly established hyper-local New York state small farm collective, Wildkale Farmers Market can help bring the freshest grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured chicken, and pork raised on organic micro family farms to customers' doorsteps anywhere in New York state within one business day.

A Personal Journey to Provide Nutritious, Flavorful Food

Founded by Ana Jakimovska, a New Yorker and a mother of two, Wildkale was born out of a desire to offer her children the same nutrition and rich flavors of the wholesome homemade food she experienced growing up.

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Having discovered the necessary ingredients to replicate those flavors at small Central New York farms, Jakimovska recognized the need to provide better access to these quality products for more New Yorkers. So, Wildkale Online Farmers Market was created to deliver farm-fresh proteins and ingredients directly to the doorsteps of customers in New York.

Discovering Exceptional Quality in Central New York

Jakimovska embarked on a mission to find the highest quality beef, pork, and chicken available by visiting hundreds of farms across New York state. Her search led her to Central New York, known for its fertile volcanic fields and small family farms that raise animals respectfully and humanely. By leveraging Wildkale technology, farmers in Central New York can now deliver their nutritious, high-quality proteins directly to customers anywhere in New York State. With careful packaging and the inclusion of dry ice, these products arrive within one business day, and shipping is provided free of charge.

The Promise of Wildkale Farmers Market

Wildkale Farmers Market offers a unique online platform that allows New Yorkers to order their food directly from local farmers. Unlike traditional marketplaces, Wildkale goes beyond connecting customers with local farmers; it enables an authentic farm-to-door experience, with the food being packaged on the farms by the individuals who care for the animals, and then delivered overnight to the customer's doorstep.

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