Getting married is both one of the happiest times in a person’s life and one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Imagine securing a dream wedding venue and then having it pulled out from beneath you. That’s what’s happened to many couples in Upstate New York.

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Owera Vineyards, a popular wedding venue located in Cazenovia has shocked its clients by announcing the sudden closure of its wedding venue. This announcement has affected all events scheduled for 2024, including weddings that families had been carefully planning for months.

Opening its doors in 2013, Owera Vineyards quickly became a popular venue for many Upstate New York residents. The beautiful vineyard offered a picturesque venue with rolling hills, grape vines, and a beautiful lake in the background.

According to the owner, the event venue will no longer be able to accommodate any of the scheduled events for the year 2024. Clients have already made deposits, booked flights, and made numerous arrangements for their special day, only to find out that everything has been canceled due to the sudden closure of Owera Vineyards.

Owera Vineyards via Facebook
Owera Vineyards via Facebook

While the reason for the sudden closure remains unclear, the owner has released a statement apologizing for the abrupt shutdown and has ensured that the staff members would be paid their salaries. Clients have been directed to the Owera Vineyards website for further information about the cancellation of their events however, the website is under construction.

In a statement to CNY Central, Owera Vineyards co-owner Peter Muserlia said, "We are committed to finding suitable replacement venues for those affected by the cancellations." Muserlia also noted that wine production and distribution will continue at Owera.

Owera Vineyards via Facebook
Owera Vineyards via Facebook

This news has prompted many in the community to speculate over what led to the closure of the popular venue. Some say the light of COVID-19 has led to the decline in event bookings, while others believe that the decision could have been financially motivated.

Whatever the reason for the closure, it has had a significant impact on the many families who had been planning their wedding day at the venue. Several other event venues have offered to assist those who have lost their space. Black Barn at Harvest Moon in Smithville Flats said,

We are saddened to hear that Owera Vineyards in Cazenovia NY is closing. We are a short distance from Caz and have a few open dates for  2024 so if you are a bride shattered by this news - we can help.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse is another business that has offered to help however they're able.

We are saddened to hear about Cazenovia's Owera Vineyards closing. If any 2024 couples are looking for a new venue, our expert Catering at the Zoo team still has some dates available. Best of all, you’re supporting animal care at our zoo and conservation in the wild!

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