New York might be best known for its bright lights and tall buildings by outsiders but those who live here know that there is so much more that meets the eye. Like, the fact that many, such as Ricky Rodson, believe New York to be home to several cryptids.

Cryptids are creatures believed to be living throughout New York, with many of them residing in the state's many lakes.

Despite the presence of so-called cryptids in the area, most of them do not seem particularly threatening. However, that doesn't mean they won't send shivers down your spine if you're not careful.

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Rodson compiled a list of the top 10 cryptids believed to be living in New York and these are a few of the most notable entries in his list.


This mysterious aquatic creature has been sighted in Lake Champlain since the 17th century. With its extremely long snake-like body and horse-like head, Champ has been used as evidence that the Loch Ness Monster could exist.

Sewer Alligators

The story of alligators living in the sewers beneath New York City has become a piece of urban legend over the years. While most people believe that the alligators were originally pets that were flushed down the toilet, sightings of these creatures continue to this day.

Manhattan Monster

A horrifying creature that washed up on the shores under the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Monster had a strange mutilated face and snarling snout, leading to theories of its origin continuing to circulate.

Old Greeny

A large serpent known to have lived in Cayuga Lake for over 100 years, Old Greeny has been described as being around 30 to 35 feet in length. Some believe it could even be a member of a rare species of giant freshwater eel.


The two-headed fish that inhabits the Beaverkill River and Willowemoc Creek in Roscoe, New York, is likely just folklore, but a 2000 newspaper story about a fisherman who nearly caught it helped invigorate the community and give new life to the tale.

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While they might not be the most terrifying creatures around, the idea of these elusive beings lurking just beneath the surface of some of the state's most famous bodies of water is enough to give anyone the shivers!

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