Snow, ice, wind, cold, oh my! While we've had a mild winter this year, there was no shortage of dismal weather. With dreary skies and lack of sunshine comes the usual vitamin D deprived doldrums.

That's going to change today.

Will today's weather be record breaking?

The historic average temperature for today in Oneonta is 51 degrees with a record high of 75 degrees according to Weather Underground. Today's forecast is calling for temperatures of around 75 degrees, which may meet or exceed the current record. This will be the warmest day we've seen in months, and will be the nicest day of the week. Humidity is right around 55%, making for a summer like day without the sweaty ick!

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Get outside and soak up some rays!

I just saw a yellow Miata convertible cruise by, and I'm definitely having FOMO. When you look up "convertible weather" in the dictionary, today is the kind of day that you'll most definitely find. Take your lunch break outside, head to a park for a walk, take a stroll down Main Street and patronize local businesses. Just get outside, get in the sun, and soak up all that vitamin D that you've been missing.

Will it last?

With good news, bad news is sometimes right behind it. Unfortunately, this weather isn't going to stick around. A colder weather pattern is moving in with temps for the rest of the week hovering around the lower 60s. On Saturday, it's forecasted to reach a balmy high of 46 degrees. It's also supposed to rain starting tomorrow through to next Monday.

Enjoy the beautiful weather while you can today!

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