A business that has operated in downtown Oneonta for over thirty years has decided that it's time for a change. Citing a number of issues, Tina Marie's Salon has decided to  relocate to Southside Oneonta.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the salon outlined its reasoning for the move. The first item on the list refers to parking in the city. They say that it's unfair that clients have to park "so far away" to come and get their hair done. The post also notes staff having to park far from the salon to avoid parking tickets while feeling unsafe is also unfair.

The other issue cited is issues with the city's unhoused population. The business says that they have faced issues with unhoused people in their entryway, and having to ask them to leave, and having them "flip out" when people have refused to give them money.

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The author of the post goes on to say "I've had to lock myself in my own business because I felt very unsafe."

Due to the issues that Tina Marie's outlined, they have decided to relocate the salon to Southside Oneonta, claiming that "the city does not care, and it shows".

The post concludes with the salon's future plans. Tina Marie's has not disclosed where the new location will be, but did say that it will be something new, with ample parking for clients and staff in a place that they will feel safer.

Tina Marie's Salon is currently located at 182 Main Street in Downtown Oneonta.

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