Taylor Swift once actually screamed "But Daddy, I love him!" at her father.

The angsty phrase is the title of one of her Tortured Poets Department tracks.

Many fans thought the song title was a nod to the animated version of The Little Mermaid, in which Ariel uses the phrase with King Triton.

The movie was notably released in 1989, which is the year Swift was born and is also the title of her fifth album, released in 2014.

However, according to a resurfaced Popsugar clip from 2008, the song's inspiration may have come from real life instead.

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"This song, I wrote it right after my one epic teenage tantrum that I ever threw in my whole life," Swift said, talking about her Fearless song "Love Story."

"And I remember screaming something, like, 'But Daddy, I love him!' And running out and storming into my room and slamming the door and then I sat down on the floor and wrote this song," she revealed.

The clip was shared by a Swift fan account called Taylor Throwbacks on Twitter/X.

"See this is why I've been saying 'But Daddy I Love Him' and 'Love Story' are sisters," one fan tweeted in response to the clip.

As of May 2024, Swift performs both songs during her Eras Tour show.

The five-minute and 40-second long song delves into Swift's publicized love life with tongue-in-cheek lyrics like "I’m having his baby / No I’m not, but you should see your faces."

Many listeners interpreted the song as a direct callout to fans who get over-invested in the singer's love life.

Also, many fans theorized that the man Swift is singing about could be Matty Healy, the controversial frontman of The 1975.

The two dated in the spring of 2023 and the relationship evoked a whirlwind of criticism from Swift's fans.

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