We typically let our noses guide us on a daily basis toward the delicious, soothing, or curious smells, while gasps of "ewwwww" lead us away from the disgusting or uncomfortable smells.

However, THIS smell is crucially important, and not one you want to mess around with.

If you smell cucumbers in your home but aren't chopping them up for a salad or have them sitting out on your kitchen counter, you should call wildlife control, animal control, or pest control, and fast.

Eric Prouzet
Eric Prouzet

This cucumber-like smell is going to be a a bit musky and rotten and will most likely be coming from your attic, basement, or garage. That's where the dangerously venomous rattlesnakes and copperheads like to curl up, slither around, hang out, and build nests for themselves and their babies.

They slither around so silently that thank goodness this cucumber-like smell is something to signal that there may be a family of snakes living with you.

Image of a Great Basin Rattle Snake, Utah.

According to Total Reptile, this smell is distinctive to rattlesnakes and copperheads who start to smell like an old cucumber when they're locked inside four walls and are either dying, on high alert, or hibernating.

This odor comes from their glands, and as we know, these are extremely poisonous snakes that are virtually impossible to dodge if you come into contact with one.

Copperhead is a species of venomous snake endemic to Eastern North America

According to the National Wildlife Federation, Rattlesnakes exist in almost all corners of the United States and are venomous snakes while the venomous copperhead is everywhere except California.

So if you come across this smell,  you'll now know it's best not to go searching out the smell like people do in horror movies when they hear something that's clearly out of the ordinary.  Instead, call animal control or an exterminator to find out the next steps.

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