Chances are you've heard or seen someone jokingly wish everyone a "Merry Chrysler."

The meme has been around for a few years now, and makes its way back every holiday season. But it originated on defunct short-form video app Vine with creator Christine Sydelko in 2015.

Since then, it has inspired everything from T-shirts to stickers and many people on the internet love to reignite the "Merry Chrysler" hype.

On Vine, the video had over 101 million loops and can now be found on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube to this day. Sydelko mispronounces Christmas in the video, including variations like "Merry Crisis."

This year, Sydelko posted a life update video to her TikTok, where she rarely posts yet still boasts over 150,000 followers, and it made its way into a viral tweet on K-pop Twitter.

"You guys have no idea where this Christine Sydelko update is about to go," a fan tweeted.

"This time of year for obvious reasons I get a lot of videos sent to me by friends of different 'Merry Chrysler' content," she began in the video.

She went on to say that she's noticed people questioning what happened to her, assuming she's dead, and creating strange rumors like claiming that she joined a "Neo-Nazi party in Philadelphia."

"I am a babysitter and dog walker and that is what I do now," she clarified. "But the biggest life change for me... I am now a K-pop b----."

"This is a historical moment," someone commented.

Sydelko continued, "I am super into NCT and this will not make sense to most of you but this is my bias ranking."

She then went on to show a ranked list of NCT group members and discuss who she likes the most.

"My mom got me a K-pop dictionary for Christmas, so yeah, it's bad," she joked.

"We love and miss you Christine! And you’re an NCT Stan? Ncity Sleigh. We gotta talk about the Yuta and Johnny ranking. 😂 Merry Chrysler!" popular TikTok family @otakoyakisoba commented.

"NCT always at the scene of the crime," another person tweeted.

Someone else said on TikTok, "The way I literally screamed when I saw who was talking."

The wholesome life update follows the recent news about another beloved former internet star: Jenna Marbles, who got married to longtime partner Julien Solomita.

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