A man on Reddit has found himself on the bad side of his sister after he didn't take her to see Taylor Swift.

The man prefaces his story by saying that he he works for a company that gives its employees free concert and basketball tickets. So, the man's sister asked if he could get tickets to see Swift.

"My sister (20f) asked if I can get tickets for T. Swift. For context I have to use any tickets received for myself and my guest(s); depending on how may tickets I get. My company has a suite at the Arena and there are only 16 tickets available per event. If too many people want tickets, the company does a lottery and hands out tickets to those selected. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the Taylor Swift tickets and my sister was bummed out when I told her. She’s the youngest sibling and is a bit spoiled," he said.

A year later, the man once again tried to get tickets to see Swift in concert, but he was once again unable to do so.

"A year or so later, Taylor Swift was back in Miami, and I again was unable to obtain tickets from my company. However, my boyfriend (41m) loves Taylor Swift and purchased two tickets for himself and me with his own money. (He makes way more $ than me). Even thought I’m not a T. Swift fan, we had a blast… until my sister saw my boyfriend’s pictures of the concert posted on social media the next day," the man shared.

That's when the sister got upset and called her brother "selfish" for not taking her to the concert too.

"She was so bent out of shape stating, 'You know how badly I wanted to go and you didn’t think of getting me a ticket!' I assured her that my boyfriend purchased the tickets and I was not going to demand he get a ticket for her. She never made a point to be friends with my boyfriend and is still upset saying that I am selfish. I simply told her she’s a grown woman, and if it’s that important, she should save up her money for the next concert," the man says before asking if he is wrong for not putting up with her drama.

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People in the comments section shared their thoughts on the situation.

"Little sister needs to grow up," wrote one person.

"You had nothing to do with her not being there," replied someone else.

"Your entitled little sister doesn't get to run your life. Common sense," another person shared.

"It's not like you had offered her a ticket beforehand. You didn't even buy the tickets. And plus, if it's you and your boyfriend going, taking your sister along doesn't exactly seem ideal for anyone. Just sounds like it'd end up really awkward. She can buy her own if she wants to go that bad," suggested a Reddit user.

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