A man on Reddit says he was so furious after his roommate came clean about spitting in his food that he kicked him out of their apartment.

"We were having dinner with some friends and we were drinking, chillin’ and having fun. One of our mutual friends made a joke about me being very tidy and [my roommate] Andrew being very chaotic, in terms of our rooms, cleaning habits and stuff like that," the man began.

"Our friend asked us if that was an usual problem for us. So for some reason Andrew decided to mention that whenever I’d get ‘too annoying’ about cleaning the apartment or whatever, instead of fighting, he would go and spit on my food. Straight-out spitting on my food," the man explained.

"We were all laughing it off, but then Andrew went to the kitchen and demonstrated how easy it was to just take one of my prep meals for the week, open it, and spit on it. He did it right there in front of us. We were still laughing, in a what-the-f--k-is-happening kind of way," he continued.

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When their friends left, Andrew tried to "play it off" and apologized for spitting in his food.

"We ended up having a heated argument, and I was furious. I told him he needed to find another place to stay, and he stormed off to his room, slamming the door behind him. The next morning, he heads off to the gym, and in the meantime, he sends me this long apology text," the man recalled.

When the man didn't respond right away to the apology text, Andrew shot back a slew of hateful messages, writing that "he doesn’t regret it (the spitting incident) and even cracking this disgusting joke about messing with my food, suggesting I avoid eating my ice cream because it's 'flavored' now."

He was so disgusted by Andrew's actions that while his roommate was at the gym, he "gathered up his belongings and tossed them in the trash."

"Some of my friends think I went too far by throwing away his stuff, but honestly, it felt like my only option. I couldn't bear the idea of having him around after that," he concluded.

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Reddit users rallied behind the man in the comments, with many suggesting he take legal action against his former roommate.

"He was dumb enough to admit it in a salvageable format, too. Invite every one of the 'friends' giving you grief about this over for a potluck, spit in their food, and tell them to eat it," one person wrote.

"I think I'm gonna actually throw up! Like why is his FIRST thought/instinct to SPIT on his food because he’s irritated about cleaning? Disgusting," another chimed in.

"I'm sure he could get his stuff before the trashmen come. He did a disgusting act(s). You need to get tested for diseases. This is I believe a felony if he is knowingly ill," someone else commented.

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