Justin Bieber fans are concerned after the "Ghost" singer posted selfies of himself crying amid a slew of random posts on his Instagram recently.

On Saturday (April 27), Bieber posted a carousel of photos that featured throwbacks of him performing during his 2021 Justice tour followed by several photos of himself crying and a shot of Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Auston Matthews.

Bieber followed up the post with a photo of the Toronto Maple Leafs (who are currently competing in the NHL playoffs) logo and a screenshot of the Tems' song "Love Me JeJe."

Prior to the crying selfies, he also posted several photos showing off his new beard with a big smile.

While Bieber is known for his random photo drops on Instagram after weeks of silence, this one worried some fans when they saw the singer's tears.

However, his wife Hailey Bieber seemed unbothered.

"A pretty crier," she commented on the post.

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Many fans sent the singer words of support in the comments section for whatever he was going through in the photos.

"I love that you’re not afraid to show your vulnerability and emotions. It’s always great to remember that behind every single [celebrity], there’s still a human being. YOU ARE LOVED," one of his most-reposted fansites wrote.

"I hope you are doing okay, i hate to see tears running down your face," another fan said.

"Justin, we are here for you brother," someone else commented.

"Slide 8?? Justin please stay happy. it hurts to see you sad," one person said.

"Why u crying tho," one concerned fan asked.

Meanwhile, some took the post as a joke, like one fan who wrote, "You are hilarious."

Another person jokingly commented lyrics from Bieber's 2015 hit single "Sorry."

"Is it too late now to say sooorryy," they said.

Some fans theorized about what caused Bieber to cry, including missing performing, the Leafs' performance in the playoffs, and more.

One fan pointed out that one of Bieber's close friends recently passed away, which could be the reason for the crying selfies.

"Wait…we kinda a--holes bc why I forgot his friend just passed and we over here laughing at the pics omg :((((," the fan tweeted.

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