K-pop singer and former After School Club host Jamie, a.k.a. Jimin Park, just exposed her boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her.

In a series of Instagram Stories that have since been deleted, Jamie alleged that her boyfriend, Goo Min Chul, cheated on her with multiple women.

"When you find out your [boyfriend] is a cheater :) I love it," Jamie wrote in the first Story.

"He doesn't know it yet, but he's definitely getting out of my lifeee. Have fun with 4-5? other girls babe," she continued.


On the bright side, the situation does seem like it will produce some great breakup tracks since Jamie is a songwriter.

On Twitter, one fan noted "Jamie bouta drop the best music now that her boyfriend cheated on her. But [for real] his f---ing loss."

"Oh I'm gonna make a good f---ing song about it," Jamie confirmed in another Story, telling her fans not to "bash men ... just him."


Refusing to back down from publicly blasting her (perhaps now ex...?) boyfriend, Jamie doubled down by cheekily responding to a viral tweet about her Instagram Stories.

"Oops?" the K-pop star, known for songs such as "Pity Party" and "Apollo 11," quipped in a tweet.


The cheating allegations come after Jamie and Goo Min Chul posted a cute snap together during a recent ski trip.

According to In The Know, Jamie and her boyfriend went public with their relationship in November 2022 via a since-deleted Instagram post on Jamie's account.

However, the same post is still active on Goo Min Chul's account, which has been flooded with comments from Jamie's fans over the past 24 hours.

"Lmao imagine cheating on Jamie. She was out of your league anyway," one person commented.

"Bro bagged someone totally too good for him and still f---ed it up. MASSIVE L," another wrote.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 12-14-37 구 민 철 (@hodohodopo) • Instagram photos and videos

In February 2022, Goo Min Chul appeared as a contestant on Korean military survival show Iron Squad Season 2. He also recently opened a Korean BBQ restaurant called Milltan in Seoul, South Korea.

On Twitter, one fan speculated about the timing of Goo Min Chul's restaurant opening and his relationship with Jamie. Both began in November 2022.

"Guys I just thought of something horrible. Jamie revealed her boyfriend the day his restaurant opened, what if he was using her for publicity purposes?" the fan speculated in a tweet.

Goo Min Chul has not commented on Jamie's allegations as of publishing.

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