The bedroom is the most popular place we keep and even hide items which is why burglars make a beeline there as their first stop after breaking into a home. You may even have people you welcomed into your home that don't turn out to be on the up and up.

Obviously not everything these bad guys want to steal will be there. For example  example bicycles and cars. However, when it comes to the most popular items thieves search for, the majority of the items are easily found in our bedrooms and bathrooms.

According to The Weekly Journal website, these are the most stolen items out of our homes.

  • Jewelry, Watches
  • Cash, Credit Cards
  • TVs, Cell Phones, Laptops
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Cars, Vehicle Parts

Each of these items are quite profitable for thieves and the majority are easy for burglars to stuff and steal.

Obviously having a heavy, large safe to lock your expensive jewelry, extra cash lying around, and credit cards you don't carry on a regular bases is best, especially when you're gone, however, we usually keep these items for quick access in jewelry boxes, drawers, and even sitting out in our bedrooms.

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Prescription drugs are a given in our medicine cabinets or drawers and thieves even know to look in kitchen cabinets, too

Electronics are always sitting out and our vehicles are a given in the garage, driveaway, or street in front of our house.

Best Way to Protect Yourself

Thieves want to act as quickly as possible with a fast in and out planned so why not make it harder for them, even putting these most popular items in an unconventional place.

That said, many of us don't want to live inconveniently because of 'what ifs' and being scared of a break-in so there are others avenues you can take according to the Bank Rate website.

1. Property Insurance in general as well as specifically covering high-priced items so at least you're reimbursed.

2. Security or Alarm System

3. Motion Sensor Flood Lights

4. Heavy Safe

5. Locks on Drawers or Spaces You Have Valuables

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