Florence Pugh is finally making her mark on the music world!

The accomplished actress lends her smoky vocals to "Midnight," a new song from her brother, Toby Sebastian.

The song dropped March 1, along with a music video that sees Pugh decked out in red as she harmonizes with Sebastian.

"We’ve always grown up collaborating as a family, which is kind of the beauty of this song and now the video that we’ve created," Sebastian, who is an actor and musician, said of the musical collaboration in a press release.

"When I was writing the song, I was literally walking out the door to go and do the final edit, and my mum was like, ‘Floss, why don’t you sing some backing vocals?’, so we jumped in the car, and with no rehearsal and about 20 minutes of studio time, Florence added her magic to the track," he added.

Plus, the music video was shot in their family restaurant.

"We had so much fun filming in our family restaurant, a place that my sisters and I all grew up in. The restaurant has an amazing vibe, so we knew it would be the perfect setting for the music video. We shot the whole thing with a crew and cast made up of close friends and family, so it was a lot of fun," Sebastian shared.

Watch "Midnight" by Tony Sebastian ft. Florence Pugh, Below:

The hypnotizing indie-pop track is already a hit with fans.

"Love this song so much, it was so amazing seeing it live last year too!" one person commented on YouTube.

"I've got chills every time I hear Florence's raspy and beautiful voice," another wrote.

According to NME, Pugh teased her music debut earlier this year on Vogue's podcast The Run-Through.

"I’ve actually got music being released this year. I wrote music for [A Good Person, Zach Braff's upcoming film], and that’s been a whole exciting experience that I’ve been desperate to do for years," Pugh shared.

"[Music] is one of those things that can mean so much to you, and the less you do it, the less confidence you have, and you end up losing your heart in it. For years I was so scared of how to do it. And eventually, this opportunity arose, and I read Zach’s script, and I said, ‘I’ve been inspired to write a song.’ And we put them in the movie," she continued.

Pugh also joined Harry Styles on the Don't Worry Darling song "With You All the Time," which was featured on the film's soundtrack.

According to NME, Pugh previously expressed that her dream was to become a singer-songwriter before she became an actress.

Previously, Pugh posted acoustic covers of songs online under the name Flossie Rose. Her last cover appears to have been posted in 2016.

Watch one of Pugh's covers, below:

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