An "entitled family" adorably cut the line at Disney World in a viral video captured on TikTok.

The family of ducks waddled their way through the Magic Kingdom entrance before the humans waiting in line had their chance to enter.

"The audacity!" the person who posted the video joked in the caption.

The family of ducks attracted the attention of parkgoers who grinned as they realized the ducks were heading into the park.

The moment was so on brand for Disney World that no one batted an eye.

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Viewers in the comments section were charmed and amused by the cute video.

It has now been viewed over two million times.

"Proof that 'walk with purpose' works," one person joked in the comments.

"Excuse me they didn’t have [their] magic bands," another person quipped, referring to the bands that Disney visitors wear to enter the park.

Another person wished they could join the ducks' group instead.

"I know which family I'm vacationing with next time !!" they said.

"When I die, I want to come back as a Disney Duck," someone else said.

"THEY MUST HAVE SEASON PASSES," one person laughed.

Another person joked that they must be the IRL versions of Donald Duck's nephews.

"It’s just Huey Dewey and Louie getting dropped off for the day," they wrote.

One person shared another Disney-related duck story and proved that apparently, this happens often.

"A [Walt Disney World] boat captain told us that one time a duck boarded his boat at [Magic Kingdom], rode it over to the Polynesian [resort], and then walked off. Like the duck had just been planning it all along," the person revealed.

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