We finally almost got a long-overdue Beyoncé and Britney Spears collaboration. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll have to keep waiting.

According to a Page Six report, Beyoncé recently asked Britney to appear in a new music video, but the plans fell through.

"The Britney and Beyoncé collab could’ve been a big big moment for everyone and now I will be upset for the rest of the day," one fan tweeted of the news of the latest missed collaboration between the two pop stars.

"Britney knew seeing both her and Beyoncé in the same scene would cause the world to combust so really she saved our lives... humble queen!!!" another fan wrote on Twitter.

It's unclear why the collaboration didn't pan out this time, but what's more heartbreaking is how long fans have been waiting for the two music superstars to work together musically.

Britney and Beyoncé have only worked together officially once, on a commercial in 2004, but the two have long circled each other as part of the same generation of late '90s, girl-power pop stars-turned-music icons.

While Beyoncé started her career with '90s R&B-pop girl group Destiny's Child, Britney got her start on The Mickey Mouse Club before she launched a solo career with her debut album, ...Baby One More Time, in 1999.

Despite never releasing any official collaborations, interactions and connections between the two superstars from the South have been documented by fans throughout the years, as both women went on to become music industry icons with overlapping fanbases.

For example, in 2000, Britney and Destiny's Child performed together at a concert in Hawaii.

"Alright, here's four girls from Houston. They're about to perform their number one single 'Say My Name,' here's Destiny's Child! Woo!" Britney said while introducing the group's performance onstage during the concert.

In 2021, a clip of Destiny's Child praising Britney's "Southern hospitality" in what appeared to be the early 2000s resurfaced and went viral on Twitter.

"This is us and Britney Spears," the girl group said, holding up a photo of them with Britney to the camera.

"Oh, I never saw that! Look at Britney!" Beyoncé remarked excitedly.

"Britney is a Southern gal. She just treats people so wonderfully. She's sold so many albums and she still is down to earth," Michelle Williams declared, to which Beyoncé added, "You can tell she has that Southern hospitality."

In 2002, Britney made a cameo in the Mike Myers comedy film Austin Powers in Goldmember, which starred Beyoncé as Foxxy Cleopatra.

Plus, in 2004, Britney and Beyoncé starred alongside fellow 2000s pop superstar Pink in Pepsi's iconic gladiator-themed commercial, in which the trio sang Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Watch Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink's 2004 Pepsi Commercial:

Later, Beyoncé came to Britney's defense in a 2007 interview when the latter's infamous personal struggles were brought up by a bold interviewer, who told her, "There's only three months age difference between you and Britney, and look at the difference. Complete disaster."

"Well, I mean, people handle different things differently, and thank God I've been surrounded by honesty and thank God I've chosen to still be around people that I trust. It's really difficult when you're a celebrity to know the difference," Beyoncé gracefully responded.

In 2009, a Bey-Brit collaboration opportunity was missed when Beyoncé worked with Lady Gaga on "Telephone." The song was originally written by Gaga for Britney's 2008 album, Circus. Britney even recorded a demo of the track before ultimately turning it down.

Watch Lady Gaga's "Telephone" ft. Beyonce Music Video:

The two singers also reportedly worked with the same songwriter, Carla Marie Williams, around 2016, but on separate projects: Britney's Glory album and Beyoncé's Lemonade album.

Plus, Britney has posted videos of herself dancing to Beyoncé songs on Instagram over the years, and even gave her a shout-out on Twitter in 2017.

"@Madonna & @Beyonce ... 2 of the many women who inspire me. Always fierce throughout their careers. Thank you for being amazing," Britney wrote in the tweet.

When a collaboration between these two legends finally happens, it's safe to say fans will be overjoyed.

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