Brenda Song and Macaulay Culkin's kids are music lovers, and they have very specific tastes.

"My boys love Ed Sheeran, that is what they listen to I kid you not," Song revealed to E! News.

"It's that or it's Cocomelon," she added.

Former child actors Song and Culkin share a 3-year-old son, Dakota, and a younger son born in 2022.

The boys have music in their blood, as Culkin was once the frontman of the comedy rock group The Pizza Underground, which performed from 2013 to 2016. Culkin was also famously close with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and is the godfather to the singer's three kids.

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In her interview with the outlet, Song also shared a glimpse into the pair's life at home as parents.

"The balance is always tough but, you know, you just gotta make it work. One thing that I've always said is for me to be able to be the best mom, I have to be the best me, and part of that is work, and going out, and continuing to enjoy life," she shared.

"We really don't get out of the house. We eat, we eat and we hang out. We spend a lot of time together, when we have time off we like to go out and eat," the Dollface actress joked.

In December 2023 during Culkin's Walk of Fame ceremony in Hollywood, he also gave fans some insight into his and Song's special relationship during his speech.

"You are absolutely everything. You're my champion. You're the only person happier for me today than I am. You're not only the best woman I've ever known, you're the best person I've ever known. You've given me all my purpose. You've given me family," he said.

"After the birth of our two boys, you've become one of my three favorite people," he continued.

The couple got together in 2017 before welcoming Dakota in April 2021. They later got engaged in 2022.

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