Bachelor alum Juan Pablo Galavis returned to reality TV on Sunday night (March 24), but this time, he was supporting his 14-year-old daughter Camila on American Idol.

Galavis starred as The Bachelor on the show's 18th season in 2014. At the time his daughter was only 4 years old.

"The opportunity came, she wanted to do it. And I say, 'I don't know if you're old enough.' That was last year. I'd say, 'Well maybe next year.' And then, here she is. So, we'll see how it goes," Galavis explained on Idol about letting his daughter audition.

"These people have way more experience than me. And if I make it, I'm gonna be very happy. And if I don't, it's fine because I'm still young. So, it's like I'll be fine," Camila said during a confessional.

She performed Joaquina's "Rabia" for the judges and received mixed reviews.

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"You've got a good voice. It sounds a little young. It's very, like, got lots of personality. It's very youthful. I'm just looking for some of those notes that could come out and really compete with the other contestants," Katy Perry said.

"Love your confidence, love your personality," Luke Bryan told her.

He added that her voice is "very listenable" and "very pop" but noted that "the big high notes are still giving you a little bit of trouble."

"Well, let me say one more thing. I think the right producer right now could take your voice and cut a hit album on you right now. But in this competition, I think you're going to get swallowed up a little bit," Bryan went on.

Lionel Richie ended up voting no and advised Camila to "develop" her voice, while Perry said yes to her "accessible" voice due to the growing popularity of Spanish musicians.

"I wrote 'no' on my page, but then I told you the right producer could make you a hit song. So, I'm giving you a 'yes' just based on that because you have a radio tone," Bryan said, cementing Camila's golden ticket to Hollywood.

Watch Camila's American Idol audition, below:

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