With a new album in the works and a European tour on her calendar, Avril Lavigne has a busy 2023 planned — but do those plans include a starring role on a Chinese reality TV show?

In an exclusive chat with PopCrush Nights hosts Lauryn Snapp and Donny Meacham, the "I'm a Mess" singer debunks the rumor that she's been cast on a Chinese reality show.

"Uhhh… It's not true, that's what I can tell you about that! Yeah, I haven't heard any of that, not true… That's funny," Lavigne tells PopCrush Nights.

In early February, rumors began circulating online that the pop-rock icon would be making an appearance on the Chinese reality TV series Sisters Who Make Waves this year.

"Mango TV has confirmed the news. As Avril is planning to tour China this year, she will take part in Season Four of Sisters Who Make Waves to generate the hype needed (for her tour to succeed)," Malaysian publication The Star claimed.

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PopCrush Nights also asked Lavigne about the possibility of releasing new music this year. The Canadian punk-pop star's last album, Love Sux, celebrates its 1-year anniversary on Feb. 25.

"I've been in the studio working," Lavigne says, noting that between tour legs she would "come home for two weeks" and go into the studio with "Travis [Barker] and Feldi and my friends" to work on new music.

Lavigne's goal is to "put out a new album this year," and it seems likely she will.

"Honestly, I feel like my album is done. I'm still writing, but it's pretty much there," Lavigne tells PopCrush Nights, adding she has a "bunch of fun stuff planned for this year."

"I feel like I'm in the zone and just following my heart," Lavigne says.

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