New York State has started its new Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program, which allows the state to fine you for speeding in certain areas without ever pulling you over. Many people want to know if automatically being fined for speeding will add points to your license. I've got the answer for you, along with the answers to some other frequently asked questions.

New York State
New York State

In September 2021, Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that is now going into effect.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

New York Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1180-E allows for automated speed monitoring in certain construction zones around the state. The program, which is a joint effort by the State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Thruway Authority (NYSTA), will last for five years.

The NYSDOT and the NYSTA may impose a fine on the registered owner of a vehicle speeding in a work zone on a controlled access highway.

Because speed detection is automated, the owner of the vehicle (the person who holds the registration) will receive the fine. Regardless of who is driving, the violation is the responsibility of the registration holder.

Will Points Be Added To Your Driver's License Due To The Violation?

Points will not be assessed against your driver’s license for any Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Violations. These penalties are civil in nature, with no criminal implications.

Will Your Insurance Company Be Notified About Your Violation?

No, Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement violations will not be sent to insurance companies.

Can You Dispute The Violation?

By logging into the violation processing website, violators can submit documentation for the reasons outlined as allowable defenses within the legislation.

The zones will move around the state over the next five years.

Here Are The Locations Where Automated Work Zone Speed EnforcementWill Take Place:

4/28/2023 Region 1 I-87 NB over Upper Valley Farm Rd Warren County
4/28/2023 Region 2 Southbound RM 8 2607 1125 +185 feet, approx. 1 mile past Washington Mills exit Oneida County
4/28/2023 Region 2 Eastbound NY Rte 5S paving operations starting from Turner St. exit Herkimer County
4/28/2023 Region 2 Westbound NY Rte 5S paving operations starting from West Main St./Acme Rd. exit Herkimer County
4/28/2023 Region3 I-81 Bridge over NY-221 in Marathon (BIN 1031302) Cortland County
4/28/2023 Region 3 I 481 Between Exit 2 (Jamesville Rd) and Exit 1 (E. Brighton Ave.) Onondaga County
4/28/2023 Region 5 NY Route 391 between Eckhart Rd and Meadow Dr Erie County
4/28/2023 Region 6 86 EB/WB 6404-4000-4065 Hornellsville Hornell County
4/28/2023 Region 6 I86 14 6201 3038-14 6201-3000 Horseheads County
4/28/2023 Region 7 I81/South Sandy Creek Jefferson County
4/28/2023 Region 8 I-84 EB Bewteen Exit 19 and Exit 28 Orange County
4/28/2023 Region 9 I-678 SB from Hillside Ave to Roackaway Blvd Queens County
4/28/2023 Region 9 I 678NB from Roackaway Blvd to Main Street Queens County
4/28/2023 Region 11 I 678N/B from 133rd Avenue to Hillside Avenue Queens County
4/28/2023 Region 11 I 678 S/B from Hillside Avenue to Roackaway Boulevard Queens County
4/28/2023 Region 11 I 678 N/B from Roackaway Boulevard to Main Street Queens County
4/28/2023 Region 11 I 678N/B from Roackaway Boulevard to Main Street Queens County

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How Does New York State's Automated Speed Enforcement Program Work?

My guess is that there are going to be a lot of upset people in New York. The program is going to punish the registered owner of the car, regardless of who is driving it.

Here's how the program works:

1. An automated radar system will identify vehicles traveling at or above the posted speed limit, which will trigger the system to capture photos and the speed of the vehicle
2. A series of photos will be captured to show the distance and time of travel
3. Data - time, date, posted speed, vehicle speed, location, lane, and direction of travel - will be collected for the vehicle
4. License plate info will be collected and used to determine the registered owner of the vehicle
5. A New York State Certified Technician will review the violation and verify that the data is correct
6. A Notice of Liability is then generated and sent via first-class mail to the registered owner of the vehicle

There will be signage warning drivers that automated speed detection is being used in the area.


How Much Can Drivers Expect To Pay In Fines Issued By New York's Automated Work Zone Speed Enforcement Program?

There will be a 30-day warning period for drivers, then the fines will kick in.

First Violation: $50 fine
Second Violation: $75 fine (if within 18 months of the first violation)
Third Violation or More: $100 fine (if within 18 months of the first violation)

The owners of vehicles registered in New York State will receive their Notice of Liability within 14 business days. Vehicles registered to out-of-state owners will be sent within 45 business days. If the fine is not paid, a hold may be put on the vehicle's registration.


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