The summer is officially here and it is time to hit the road and enjoy all that New York has to offer! If you own a car in New York, how has the wildfire smoke affected the air in the vehicle? There are some who are suggesting you change the air filter in the cabin portion of the car.

The smoke still seems to be drifting south to the New York State are from the historic wildfires that continue to burn in portions of Canada. The National Weather Service has been very good at updating the air quality maps and letting us know about the potential dangers of the smoke.

For most drivers, they may not even know where to locate the cabin air filter in their vehicle. Does the smoke have an impact on the air you breath when you are in a car or truck? Some reports indicate that the smoke can lessen the life span of a filter.

According to a blog from boisetunetech:

However, most cars have a cabin air filter, which is designed to clean the air blown out your cabin air vents. This filter will remove the small particles that bother people and smoky air will shorten its life.

The smoke was especially an issue to start this week in portions of New York State as the smoke and particles from the fires were expected to reach the surface.

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