The next time you see a random light panning around a field near you, there is a good chance you will refer to this article about spotlighting in New York State.

Yes, there are laws on the books regarding the use of spotlights in a vehicle. Most of the laws pertain to the use of lights when firearms are in the vehicle. However, there are portions of the law that refer to location and proximity to homes and dwellings.

It is that time of the year here in New York State when the leaves are changing and farmers are starting to chop their corn. Fields are now wide open and hunting camps are filling up.

When the sun goes down, some hop in the truck and head to local field to see if there are any large bucks that are wandering out for an evening snack. New York State is pretty clear on what the laws are when it comes to using a spotlight.

According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:

You may use lights to observe deer and bear under the following conditions:

You are not within 500 feet of a home or farm building, unless you have permission from the owner or lessee.
While in or on a motor vehicle and operating a light and no person has a firearm or bow unless:
the firearm is taken down or the bow is unstrung, or
the firearm is securely fastened in a case, or
the firearm is locked in the trunk of the vehicle, or
the firearm is a handgun.

The archery hunting season is just about here in New York State and from what we have seen, there is a healthy amount of deer around. Good luck and be safe!

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