What exactly is fast food? Does fast food have to be fried and in a Styrofoam container?? Or does fast food just have to be given to you quickly after you order? Either way, there are new warnings coming from at least one popular restaurant.

The Holidays are here and there is a good chance you will be stopping for a quick lunch or dinner before or after you get those good deals. If Panera Bread is on the list, you may see something new.

According to reports, the Charged Lemonade will have some new labeling.

Charged Lemonade contains more caffeine than a Red Bull and Monster energy drink combined.

NBC News reports:

The legal complaint called Charged Lemonade a “dangerous energy drink” and argues that Panera failed to adequately warn consumers about its ingredients, which also include guarana extract, another stimulant. The large cup contains more caffeine than standard cans of Red Bull and Monster energy drinks combined, as well as the equivalent of almost 30 teaspoonfuls of sugar.

There are roughly 117 Panera Bread locations across New York State and there is a good chance there are a few not far from your house.

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