Fall officially arrives in New York State this weekend and there are reports that the snow is not far away!

As we approach the official start of the fall this Saturday and all things related to cool weather. Football season, is here and there is nothing better than a cool, clear night cheering on your favorite team.

The snow is not that far away and even the Farmer's Almanac is saying we will see plenty of snow. But as for the exact date, here is one possibility.

As we saw the high temps set daily records in much of the United States, Rochester, New York was seeing rain. Lots and lots of rain.

Was it good for the garden and farms? In most cases, yes. The issue this summer was the intensity at times that washed out some of the crops on some farms. The National Weather Service mentioned a record amount of rain.

The 12.25" of precipitation at the #Rochester airport was the greatest recorded in the July-August 2-month timeframe. Old record was 12.12" set back in 1947.

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