If you're a New York Yankees fan and you're like me you're probably trying to keep a level head right now through this rough start but it might be time to panic. ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney says there are not only real concerns the Yankees need to address but there's also an old "friend" that could end the Yankees AL East hopes early.

There's certainly a little bit of joy in Buster's voice when he gets to torture me about my beloved New York Yankees but he seems truly concerned about the current pitching. Put that together with just how well the Boston Red Sox are playing and the Yankees need to get their act together fast. Listen to Buster's reasoning in the interview below.

The Yankees aren't the only New York team dealing with trying times right now. The Mets have barely been able to play so far this year. Between the opening series with the Nationals being shut down thanks to COVID-19 and the weather the Mets are just hoping to get a chance to continue their three-game win streak. Buster gives his thoughts on the NL East and more above.

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