Yes, there is a National Buy a Musical Instrument Day, according to the National Day Calendar. Why not? Every day it's a national something else day. Not that it's a bad thing. I wonder if I submit an application, I could get a National Don Morgan Day? Worth a try, right? Just think of the gifts coming my way on my National Day. There are gifts, aren't there?

Anyway, back the musical instruments (I think there's a rhyme somewhere in there), today we celebrate instruments that are essential to our lives. Can you imagine what the world would be like without music? Just think about watching a movie without the music accompaniment in the background setting up each scene. Wow, that would be terrible.

My first introduction to a musical instrument was the drum. I got the drumming bug early in my elementary school years. I was in the band in my elementary school, and when my family moved to another town and I began my middle school years, I continued my band experience, and took up weekly drum lessons with the band director.

I remember he was tough on me, probably frustrated at times since I struggled early on learning to read music. Somehow, the two of us got through it and I carried on my drumming in high school, where I played cymbals, bass drum tenor drum, and then the top of the drum group, playing snare drum in orchestra and marching band.

But, what I really wanted to to, was learn to play a drum set. Every Christmas, a drum set was on my wish list. It never came, and for whatever reason, I never pursued the opportunity to take lessons to learn to play on a drum set. After I left high school, I laid down my drum sticks for the final time. At times I do miss the fun playing drums. But, even though it's long in the past, I'm glad I learned to play.

Maybe that's why there is a National Buy A Musical Instrument Day. If you've thought about learning to play an instrument, it's never too late.

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