Has Robin Thicke given up on trying to win back the love of his estranged wife, Paula Patton?

TMZ reports that after a very public crusade, which began shortly after the couple split at the end of Feb., Thicke is reportedly ready to move on and accept that the marriage is over. The site reports that in addition to sharing his thoughts with inner members of his team, Thicke has also put up their L.A. home for sale. Patton has not stayed in the house with Thicke since the split in February.

Over the last several months, Thicke made his intentions about getting back together clear not only to Paula, but to his fans everywhere. In addition to dedicating several performances to her on stage, he also named his latest album 'Paula' and recorded  many songs about heartbreak and loneliness, including 'Get Her Back' and 'Love Can Grow Back.'

But the efforts took a toll on his album sales, as it was revealed that the first week sales for 'Paula' were disappointing compared to how 'Blurred Lines' performed almost one year earlier.

TMZ also reports that neither has hired a divorce attorney yet, so there may still be hope for a reconciliation.

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