If there is one band who consistently give an incredible live performance, it's Imagine Dragons, whose rendition of 'Tiptoe' at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards tonight reminded us exactly why they have 11 nominations.

Backed by the heavy beats of multiple drum sets, the band delivered an incredibly energetic performance of the tune, with frontman Dan Reynolds snaking his way throughout the stage while singing his heart out to the crowd. As the group continued to build up the powerful perf, confetti rained onto the stage, only making the party rage even harder. And the audience could feel the energy radiating from the band -- as the camera panned over the crowd, almost every audience member was up out of their seats, hands in the air, jamming out to 'Tiptoe.' And that is how you do a show. Hats off to Imagine Dragons!

Watch Imagine Dragons' performance of 'Tiptoe' at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards above!

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