Through thick and thin, Iggy Azalea has her girl's back all the way.

In a heartwarming message to her dear friend Demi Lovato, the "Mo Bounce" rapper sent her gal pal some warm words and well wishes after the songbird exposed her struggle with sobriety in a new song released Thursday (June 21).

"Im proud of you for having the guts to reveal your truth to the world again. NOT. EASY," Iggy wrote in response to the lyric video for the chanteuse's latest libretto "Sober," in which she reveals she succumbed to alcohol for the first time since her years-long sobriety.

"Im here for you friend! (you know this) I pray you'll choose recovery again. All of us who love you only want to see you happy and healthy," she continued, sending along a few hearts to show her support.

In the ballad, the 25-year-old cries, "Mama, I’m so sorry I’m not sober anymore/ And Daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor." It's one of the many hard-hitting lyrics Lovato uses in the track to vocalize her anguish and apologies to her "future lover" and fans.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" artist's admission follows her freshly-celebrated sixth sober anniversary back in March, which, according to one source's statement to Entertainment Tonight, Lovato broke when she "relapsed and started drinking alcohol again" during the North American and European leg of her Tell Me You Love Me world tour. The latter of which began May 24.

The "Fancy" emcee remembers the celebratory milestone pleasantly, tweeting, "I was there the day we sung you happy birthday for 6 years sober. I jumped a random persons fence in my PJs to come get you, even when you had no clue i was gonna pop up on your a--. lmao."

Despite her friend's unfortunate setback toward complete sobriety, Iggy promises, "I am prepared to keep doing crazy s--t b--ch. deal with it cause I love you."

Stay strong, Demi!

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