Did you know that February is Potato Lovers Month? The state of Idaho did, and they have decided to release a French Fry scented perfume just in time for Valentine's day. They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and if you walk into the room smelling like french fries, he will fall in love instantly!

IdahoPotato.com launched the fragrance, called "Frites by Idaho."

"This fragrance embodies the irresistible essence of potatoes from Idaho; about the same price as a large order of fries," the website describes. The limited-time perfume sold for $1.89 per bottle, which is the exact price of a large fry from McDonald's.


Frites by Idaho is formulated with essential oils and distilled Idaho Potatoes. The bottle is approximately 2.25" wide, 4"tall, 1.5" deep, and holds 1.7 fl oz.

Frites by Idaho launched online on Monday, February 7th, and sold out within 4 hours.

"It's a fun project and it's not serious. It's a way that we try to get that Idaho Potato brand out there," said Jamey Higham, president, and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, according to EastIdahoNews.

Though the perfume sold out almost immediately, you can still get one.

The Idaho Potatoes Instagram page announced they are hosting a giveaway to 10 lucky winners.

The giveaway ends February 13th at 11:59. To enter the giveaway you must do three things:

  • Follow @idahopotatos on Instagram
  • Like the Giveaway post (shown above)
  • Tag someone you love in the comments

Can we just appreciate this post below by Idaho Potatoes? This beautiful and dramatic photo, black and white all around, perfume bottle in color, model with a serious face, closed eyes, hair blowing in the wind... and a single french fry... Stunning, but also hilarious. It looks like a legitimate ad!

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