More than ever we're looking forward to 'Homeland' season 4 as it will be a reboot of sorts for the series, with the events of season 3 finale "The Star" teasing new settings and crises to come beyond Nicholas Brody. Now, following the additions of Corey Stoll and Laila Robins, 'Homeland' season 4 has gone even further to add 'Smash''s Raza Jaffrey and 'Roseanne' alum and 'Caddyshack' star Michael O'Keefe.

From The Hollywood Reporter, Jaffrey will take the season 4 role of Aasar Khan, a decorated lieutenant-colonel in the Pakistan intelligence service, as the new season takes place in Abbottabad, Pakistan (while filming in South Africa). O'Keefe will play a subordinate to Corey Stoll's character, that of deputy station chief John Redmond, who finds himself at crossed purposes with Carrie. Both roles are recurring, with Jaffrey's a bit more prominent.

Elsewhere, relatively little is known of the fourth season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning drama, though past series regulars Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor will have understandably reduced (if not entirely omitted) presences in season 4, while Nazanin Boniadi’s Fara has been upped to regular. Mandy Patinkin’s Saul Berenson and Rupert Friend’s Peter Quinn have been confirmed to return, as well, while season 4 will return to Carrie’s roots as a competent case officer in a foreign country. Additionally, acclaimed scribe Meredith Stiehm will return to the writer’s room full time, having been minimally present in season 3 to work on FX drama ‘The Bridge.’

We'll likely get our first glimpses of 'Homeland' season 4 over the summer, before a fall debut, but what say you? Does the shaken-up premise of Showtime's counter-terrorism thriller bode well for a fresh start?

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