Did you know Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are dating?

If you answered no to that question, you probably stumbled across this website by mistake, because the pop culture subset of the Internet is oversaturated with minute details of their every move as a couple at this point. Congratulations for escaping it thus far.

In any case, Gwen and Blake are a couple. And what better time to publicly express their joyful togetherness than during the holidays, a time in which the Hallmark Channel’s infinite supply of Christmas-relationship-themed movies (A Bride for Christmas, anyone?) leaves the rest of us with immense feelings of inadequacy?

According to PEOPLE, the blissful couple vacationed together in Oklahoma, where Blake lives. The two wore matching camouflage outfits during a trip to local restaurant Gonzalez Mexican, perhaps in a misguided attempt to conceal themselves from normals, but according to diner Starlet Etheridge, it only kind of worked.

She said, “They just looked like a normal couple. We wouldn’t have recognized them if my brother-in-law hadn’t worked for him before.”

Etheridge’s sister, Tiara Blue, agreed, saying Gwen in particular looked super normal and non-famous: “She wasn’t dressed like a rock star at all. She was wearing next to no makeup.”

Etheridge eventually disturbed the couple by walking over to them and disrupting their dinner: “I said, ‘Isn’t that Gwen?’ Then Blake said, ‘How did you see her? She’s wearing camouflage!’ Then she pulled her hoodie back a little bit, smiled at me, and gave me a little wave.”

Etheridge kept tabs on the couple, watching with baited breath as the pair engaged in some light PDA: “They were smiling and laughing genuinely, leaning into each other and having a really good time.”

Apparently this was Blake and Gwen's second time at Gonzalez Mexican that day, so says onlooker Rose Mary Rivera observed, "Gwen was in the truck. He walked her to the truck and came back to get some takeout.”

Gwen also posted a video to Twitter (which you can watch above) of Blake peppering her with kisses, both of them decked out in their fashion-forward camo outfits.

They also went to Dairy Queen at some point -- Gwen tweeted about that, too. Happy holidays!

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