The MLB Field of Dreams game in Dyersville is set to take place this Thursday, and apparently Guy Fieri is pretty excited about it. He's so excited, that he's taken to creating an outrageous dish just for the game.

On Thursday, fans at the much anticipated game will be the first to get to try his newest creation, the 'Apple Pie Hot Dog.'

It's not as gross as you're picturing. He takes a hot dog, smothers it in a bacon jam, sticks it in a flaky pie crust and tops it with apple mustard drizzle, demerara sugar and apple pie spice.

If you're interested in trying to make your own, Fieri recommends “getting your bacon nice and crispy, and then cooking it down with a little brown sugar, a little honey and apple cider vinegar.”

It looks like the Toaster Strudel guy had a baby with a Hot Pocket, but it does look delicious.

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