COVID concerns have placed a damper on social gatherings for weddings, celebrations, and perhaps even family holiday gatherings this year. Schools forced to become virtual learning centers are also losing out on the usual school fields trips, where in many cases students learned about New York's Dairy Farm Operations. The American Dairy Association North East has a solution, virtual tours.

The ADA first developed the program last year for students to watch in their classrooms. Now, they have brought the tours to YouTube to enable parents and civic organizations, like scouting or church groups to learn more about our farmers.

The video series features three farms designed for different age groups.

Students aged 4 to 9 - Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing.

Students aged 10-13 - Will-O-Crest Dairy in Clifton Springs.

High school students - JoBo Holsteins in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

You can get more information on the program and dairy iniatives in schools and sports at the ADA North East's website.

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