"Uptown Funk" is officially the latest song to get the viral video treatment. Following in the steps of "Let It Go," "Shake It Off" and "All About That Bass," the Bruno Mars/ Mark Ronson collaboration is featured in a new YouTube video.

It seems like everyone is rocking out to "Uptown Funk," but one flight attendant took things to a new level when she broke it down while waiting for passengers to board her flight.

First of all, we admire her fearlessness. She's putting it all out there, which is both admirable and totally amazing. Second, her dance moves are kind of amazing. Not only is the flight attendant working in a confined space (because: airplane), but she's rocking out perfectly on beat. She totally earned the round of applause the passengers gave her at the end. Most importantly, which airline does she fly? Because we want to book a flight with them ASAP. (And possibly dance along too!)

It sounds like the rest of the internet is just as impressed as we are. The video racked up more than 100,000 views in just 24 hours!

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk" got the viral treatment just last week when singer Alex Boye recruited senior citizens to help him re-create the music video. Additionally, L.Young released an impressive one-man "Uptown Funk" cover. With each take on the song getting more and more creative, we can only imagine what will hit the internet next!

This flight attendant dancing to "Uptown Funk" will totally make your day! Don't believe us? Just watch for yourself in the video above!

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