First loves and first concerts. Those will always be ingrained in your brain or embedded in your memory. For some, they’re actually the same thing. ‘Today‘ show staffers have been sharing their first concert memories, with a Washington State Coldplay gig in July of 2009 being of particular significance for one, since he was dumped by his girlfriend … on the ride home from the gig. Ouch.

Intern Cody Delistraty recalled his experience, and in hindsight, it seems the one good thing that comes from being unceremoniously broken up with after a show is a renewed relationship with the music. Coldplay will never be accused of crafting happy songs; in fact, frontman Chris Martin is particularly adept at crafting moody, melancholic odes and he is a wordsmith with a gift for encapsulating his emotions alongside a memorable melody. What better to pair with heartbreak?

Below is Delistraty’s recollection of the show. Not only was he dumped, but a fellow concertgoer spilled beer on him, adding insult to injury all around.

It was a balmy summer evening at the breathtakingly beautiful Gorge Amphitheater in central Washington State when the British pop-rockers Coldplay took to the stage. In front of a golden sunset that descended upon the twisting Columbia River and its surrounding canyons, we sat on the terraced lawn listening to the soaring melodies of ‘Viva La Vida’ and the pitch-perfect ballad, ‘Yellow.’ Like all good things, it came to an end. This, however, was a harshly abrupt end. Near the finale, a drunken duo couldn’t quite keep from spilling their beers on us; then on the drive home, my girlfriend decided to break up with me — apparently the summer is no time for stifling relationships. So let me start over: On an ominous evening where the harsh waters of the Columbia River crashed into its surrounding canyons, I waited for the washed-out Chris Martin to deliver yet another contrived ballad created with the sole purpose of consoling sexually frustrated middle-age women who deal with their depression with a bottle of white wine and a ‘Viva La Vida’ CD. I’ve had better evenings.

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