Even the muppet universe is struggling with the COVID-19 crisis. I just found out Elmo has a Dad and it has blown my mind. As someone who doesn't have a kid, I don't have any real reason to watch Sesame Street, unless cookie monster is baking edibles with Martha Stewart. Maybe one day it will happen.

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Anyway, I know some parents might be struggling with spending so much time with their children so take a moment to take some advice from Elmo's Dad, Louie.

Also, don't overthink about why his Dad's name is Louie and Elmo is freaking named Elmo.

Now, take a deep breath and relax with Louie:

Don't feel guilty about taking sometime for yourself. Kids can be a handful, so instead of taking your frustration out on Facebook, take a deep breath and make a pillow fort.

I was planning to start my family this year and well, I might have to talk to Louie for some advice on that.

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