We all have nightmares. We regular folk have them about showing up to class or a big presentation in our underwear, and Ed Sheeran has them about screwing up his duet with Elton John at the Grammys on live national television. We'd bet Sheeran's are a bit more terrifying than imagining your boss seeing you in your skivvies.

He told a Baltimore radio station, "I had this dream where we decided not to play the song we were going to play and we were going to play this other traditional song. I forgot to give him the piano reference and he just didn't play. Everyone was really confused and I got told off. I hope it isn't a pre-warning to what is actually going to happen!"

Getting yelled at by Elton John must be intimidating, even if it is only a dream! He also told the radio station that he is losing sleep over whether he wins or not and if his voice cracks during his performance, which is totally understandable since this is, aruguably, Sheeran's biggest performance for a U.S. audience to date. Let's just chalk it up to growing pains! We think Sheeran will do beautifully.

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