When the urge to snack hits, too often we reach for the bag of chips, telling ourselves: Hey, they’re made from potatoes, so how bad can they be? Unfortunately, the answer is pretty bad, because unless you're making your own in the oven, processed snacks are loaded with salt, added sugar, oil, and preservatives that disrupt your body’s natural hormonal balance and cause insulin to soar, carrying a message to the cells: Store this extra energy as fat.

The best option when you need a snack is to reach for something made with whole foods, since these clean ingredients will supply your body with vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants in the form of phytochemicals that will add healthy bacteria to your gut, signaling the body to burn off the energy nice and slowly, steadily releasing just the right amount of carbs and protein and fats to your system that insulin stays low, and instead the cells get the energy and nutrients they need without ever having to store fat.

But how do you know what snack will fill you up and not fill you out? We went to scientific studies to find just the right combinations of ingredients to create five perfect snacks that will provide your body with everything it needs and nothing more.

Too often it is assumed that in order to get enough protein you have to also eat animal products like meat and dairy, but plant-based snacks like nut butter, hummus, avocado and non-dairy yogurts (made from anything from oat milk to cashew milk) can keep you full and satisfied for hours, plus they come with a host of additional health benefits, like fiber, which fills you up and provides healthy pre-biotic fuel to your healthy gut microbiome (important for everything from your mood to your heart health).

Here are the top five best plant-based foods you can eat to feel satisfied for hours on end. So start snacking to feel better while feeling fuller.

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1. Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast is the perfect combination of carbs and fats to keep you full until your next meal. Avocados are high in protein to keep you full and contain fat-soluble vitamins that other fruits lack, including Vitamins A, B, D, and E. Being high in healthy fats can sustain hunger, and in turn, aid in weight loss by reducing compulsive eating binge and fat accumulation in the abdominal region. Not to mention the lipids in avocados can also support immunity, reduce cholesterol levels, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. We like to slice ours on sourdough bread and top with everything but the bagel seasoning of course.

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2. Bananas with Peanut Butter

Another amazing fruit containing endless benefits is the banana, which pairs perfectly with some peanut butter. Bananas are rich in fiber, which is the most important factor in keeping you fuller longer. Paired with peanut butter, highest in healthy fats, this becomes the perfect snack for keeping you satisfied until your next meal. The duo contains an abundance of potassium, magnesium, and protein to keep your cravings in check. Did we mention bananas can also lead to higher levels of dopamine? More bananas, more happiness.

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3. Hummus and Veggies

Hummus is a Middle Eastern dip made from chickpeas, a legume superfood that is high in fiber, making you fuller and aiding your digestion overall. Hummus can be used as a dip or spread and can also be linked to weight control, better gastrointestinal health, and the prevention of heart disease and some cancers. Enjoy with some carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, and more!

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4. Coconut Yogurt Topped with Nuts and Seeds

Who said you have to give up your favorite snacks when you go plant-based? Yogurt can also be found in dairy-free versions at your local grocery store. There are many varieties of non-dairy yogurts, but coconut yogurt is high in healthy fats and naturally sweet, which makes it a favorite among many for keeping you full while still tasting delicious. Coconuts contain fatty acids that increase energy levels and have been proven to have antiviral properties, two things many of us need especially as of late. We love coconut yogurt topped with nuts and seeds with additional healthy fats that keep you satisfied as long as possible.

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5. Chia Pudding

The ultimate superfood that is high in fiber is chia seeds, which help you feel satisfied for longer. Chia seeds are highly concentrated in essential fatty acids, dietary fibers, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, carotenoids, and minerals which can all aid in the prevention of chronic diseases. We like to make ours using our favorite plant-based milk and colorful fruits to layer on top. Quick, easy and so satisfying.

Make the switch to plant-based snacks to feel like your best self. Plants are powerful and will keep you energized all day long.