Your favorite 2018 meme has, by the grace of one internet genius, just gotten even better.

For some time now, there's been a photo of 5-year-old Cardi B floating around on Twitter. In the picture, she's wearing a '90s tracksuit and looking sassy with a hand perched on her hip, as if she's about to tell off an older cousin or spill a secret her mom would rather have kept private. People have taken to captioning it with phrases that suggest as much, saying things like, "My momma said you have to play with me" and "My momma said we got to watch you while you in the house, cause you steal."

But now, thanks to a mastermind by the name of @chuuzus, it's now been upgraded to include a young Drake and Rihanna:

And, to top it off, the revamped version includes a reference to another viral fad: Drake's "In My Feelings" challenge. At one point in the song, Drake says, "Kiki, do you love me?" which some have taken to be a stand-in for "RiRi. "(Others have speculated it actually represents Drake's rumored ex-girlfriend, singer Keshia Chanté, but that doesn't make the meme any less funny).

Needless to say, the rest of Twitter was pleased. "I'm literally thinking of the person who was in photoshop splicing this mess together. Where is their award?" wrote one follower. Added another: "If this aint the best meme of 2018 lmao."

And you know what? Where is the lie?

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