Disney World is supposed to be a place of magic and wonder for all of those who go there. However, that was not the case in a recent incident that occurred there.

Case in point, some guests have been arrested and banned from the theme park after a brawl broke out.

Taking place on July 20, a fight occurred between guests dressed in identical white shirts and red shorts and other guests. During the fight, clothes and other accessories were thrown to the ground.

One guest did try to break up the fight, however, they were repelled and they ended up knocking down a parked stroller.

The incident took place between Fantasy Faire and Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World.

As for what caused the incident, a guest and their family were in line for Mickey’s PhilharMagic when one member realized their phone was left behind. After going to get it, they went to go back into the area the family in matching apparel denied to let her pass back to her family, pushing her back so they could let the line move a bit further along.

Upon exiting the theater, one family was waiting for the other where a shouting match occurred, which soon escalated into a brawl. Security did intervene and escorted the guests away from each other.

Many only had cuts and bruises while one person was taken by ambulance due to a large cut on the chin.

Speaking about the situation, one family reached out to WDW News Today, where they said: "We got banned from Disney forever unless we contact the head."

They continued: "2 people from other party got arrested and the rest left, no one from our fam was arrested yet and they still have us here. They r making us leave our resort which is riviera even though we are here for another 2 weeks. We have to leave Disney property including typhoon lagoon, and Disney springs."

The latest incident at the parks comes as incidents of guest violence have exploded since the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than a half dozen reports in the past year alone.

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