The “happiest place on Earth” is becoming one of the most expensive places on Earth. I'm sure Walt is rolling in his grave over this.

If you were planning on taking your kids or grand kids to Disney this summer, you may want to start applying for a loan now.

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Disneyland in California has announced that on the parks busiest days, a park hopper pass for one day will now cost $209. This according to Fox 5 San Diego. On slower days, tickets for Disneyland and California Adventure Park will cost you anywhere from $104 to $154.

The report also states that the annual passes have increased in price as well, the Signature Plus Pass is almost $1,500 per year.

I haven't seen anything to indicate whether or not Disney World in Florida will increase their ticket prices.

I don't think Walt Disney himself would have gone for such steep ticket prices if he was alive today. From what I've read about him, it was all about the kids having fun, not making millions of dollars for himself or for Disney  investors.

Think about it, if you have a family of 3, plus the two parents, you're talking about $1,000 a day to go stand in line and ride rides. Not to mention the money you will spend in travel to get there, lodging once you are there, food and drink while you are in the park, and a souvenir or two that the kids will want once they see them.

Yeah, I'm sure Walt is rolling in his grave.

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